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YMusic is the Most Popular Music Streaming of 2024. Download YMusic APK’s latest Updated Version for Android Devices, and enjoy the next-level Online Free Music listening experience.


If you are looking for the best music app then the Ymusic app is best for you. Ymusic app gives you the opportunity to listen to YouTube music without any limitations. Download the Ymusic app on your Android device and listen to songs from all over the world absolutely free.

 The Ymusic app includes background playback. Ymusic lets you play songs even when you’re using another app or the screen is off, and the songs you listen to are stored in a store so you can listen to them even when you’re away.  You are offline.

Ymusic app is a completely free secure and safe app that is one of the popular music apps around the world.

What is YMusic APK

If you have never heard about the YMusic apk, then let us tell you that it is a free music player, with its help you can listen to songs from any platform for absolutely free. Its most important thing is that you can listen to songs like YouTube, Spotify, etc.  With its help, you can listen to background music and in this, you can also download any song from any artist of your favorite. It uploads songs from YouTube’s songs and videos and provides you with songs absolutely free. Surprisingly, this  That is, if any song is not on YouTube, then this music apk finds that song on Resso, and Spotify and provides it to you absolutely free. You have to go to its search bar and search the song, within a few seconds, the song will be in front of you.

 To avail of the premium features of most of the apps, we have to pay some money but you can download music apk with premium features absolutely free.

 We are also going to tell you about how to download the Ymusic apk in this paragraph.

Why YMusic APK is best

There are many points behind the popularity of the Ymusic app. Nowadays everyone from children to old people is fond of listening to songs. Singers have created a stir with their songs on social media. Keeping this in view, the Ymusic app has been launched. Its advanced features are the best.  The reason for this is that I have told you about its features above. 

Play background music features are its best features which are not available in any other app apart from this, you can listen to songs even after turning off the screen of your mobile phone.

 Here music apk like Resso, Spotify, etc. charge money for playing songs, whereas music apk provide the same songs absolutely free.

 Due to these advanced features, the music app is the best music app in the world.


Video songs Available

In this, you can watch and listen to not only audio songs but also video songs. This app brings video songs from YouTube and provides them to you absolutely free. It is designed for those people who like to listen to songs as well as watch videos.  Interestingly, with this ymusic apk you can play the video in the background also.

       Play Background Music

When I go to YouTube for songs when the sun is hot or turn on the mobile button and click on the songs off, that means music does not play in the background, it only plays when I take a paid subscription to YouTube.But the YMusic apk gives you the opportunity to play music in the background and that too without any paid subscription. This feature is its top feature.

Totally free and secure  

If we talk about apps with different advanced features, then most of the apps are paid and one has to buy them by paying money, but music app is completely free even if it is an app with advanced features and it is absolutely safe and secure because after downloading it, no  This virus does not come into our Android or PC computers.

Display songs lyrics

When you listen to songs on a music app, you will see the subtitle of the song playing on the screen of your device. As the singer sings, the subtitle will also play along with it, which you can read and speak. This doubles the enjoyment of the song. These subtitles are highlighted which you can see on both audio and video.

Download and listen to music by category

The songs in this apk are arranged in categories if someone likes to listen to sad songs, someone likes to listen to rap, someone likes hip hop, someone likes to listen to romantic music, and someone likes to listen to classical music, then this feature is especially for them, so you can choose the songs of your choice.  You can listen to songs by selecting the category, along with this you can also download the song of your choice. To download the songs, press the download button and click on save. Your song will be downloaded and will be saved in the download store of the music app.  Then you can listen to your song whenever you want, that too without a network connection.  It is not that you will have to pay a lot of data to download songs, you can download songs by paying very little data, and there is no limitation in downloading songs.  Download your songs and listen to them whenever you want, that too in the background.

If songs have become a part of your daily life and you listen to songs daily by searching on YouTube Resso or Spotify, then it is a very difficult task. Keeping this problem in mind, ymusic APK has brought a feature that you can create your playlist in Ymusic APK.  You can keep the songs of your choice, and with this, you will not need to search and find songs daily, you can listen to your playlist in the background, and the songs in the playlist will automatically be played one after the other, you do not need to click.  In ymusic, you can create more than one playlist in which you can keep the songs according to the category of your choice, you can name your playlist according to the songs and you can listen to the songs anytime.  Along with this, you will get the trending songs which are of your favorite singers or match the songs you listen to, on the homepage of your ymusic app, which you can play, listen and download in one click.  You have the advantage that you do not need to search for trending songs or new songs.

Slow internet – No problem

Even if your internet connection is slow, you can easily listen to songs and watch song videos on the ymusic apk. ymusic apk saves 90% of your network without exhausting your data pack.  Gives pleasure from songs

Apart from these features, Ymusic apk also has many advanced features about which we did not tell you in this paragraph.  You will know about the remaining features after downloading the ymusic apk, so let us tell you how to download the ymusic apk.

Tips for Optimizing Ymusic APK

To make the most of Ymusic APK, consider the following tips:

  • Regularly update the app to access new features and ensure security.
  • Make playlists to organize your music collection.

How to install and download Ymusicapk ??

Step 1.    

  • To download the Ymusic apk

     Click on the download button

  •  A page will open in front of you, find the old version of the ymusic apk.
  •  Select your favorite and click on it
  •  Click on the download button

             Downloading will start

  •  Wait…

 Step 2:-

  •  Click on the Install button
  •  wait for installation
  •    Once installed, it will ask you for some permissions, allow them.
  •  Now your ymusic apk is ready to listen to songs.

Download YMusic Apk for Android

App NameYMusic
File Size7 MB
Total Installs10M+
RequiresAndroid 6.0 and up
Updated on3 Hours Ago



Is YMusic apk free to use?

Yes, YMusic apk is completely free to download and use.

Can I download songs for offline listening?

Absolutely! YMusic apk allows you to download your favorite songs for offline listening.

YMusic apk safe to use?

es, YMusic apk is safe and trusted by millions of users worldwide.

Can I create custom playlists in YMusic apk?

Yes, you can create and manage custom playlists in YMusic apk.

Is YMusic apk available for iOS devices?

Currently, YMusic apk is available for Android devices only.

Are there any ads in YMusic apk?

No, YMusic apk is ad-free for an uninterrupted music experience.


 Ymusic apk is completely secure, safe, and free apk. If you also like listening to songs, then you must have the ymusic apk on your Android phone because you will like its advanced features a lot. The feature of playing music in the background screen is amazing.  There are features that you get only in the ymusic apk. Quickly download ymusic apk on your Android phone and enjoy songs from all over the world.

 Thank you!


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